Apartment (40m2) is stationed on the ground floor of the annex that aesthetically transitions from the old villa to a functional whole. It is intended for couples and young families (up till 4 persons). It has a higher standard, modern equipment. Next to the apartment there is a smaller terrace (12m2) and a smaller garden (25m2). The shape and location of the terrace/garden provides privacy and safe play time for children.

The peculiarity of the apartment is a bigger additional space (30m2), play area, that provides pleasant social time even in a cas of bad weather. It is also suitable for storing strollers, bicycles and other sports or vacation material. Apartment is especially appropriate for families with small children or people with health issues because it is located on the ground floor and has no stairs. Apartment has its own entrance. There is also a parking spot next to it.



Villa Almira
Levstikova ulica 3
6310 Izola
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GSM: +386 (0)40 638 213